B o o k F i n i s h e r

BookFinisher is a revolutionary product for the paperback book producing industry. It is the first fully integrated, all-in-one book finishing system that jogs, binds and trims paperbacks in lot sizes as small as one — resulting in a product ready to be handed to your customer!

BookFinisher is designed to complement a wide range of printing equipment from high-end printing systems to small, desktop publishing machines. Printed documents can be turned into perfect-bound paperbacks in less than one minute without any setup!

The BookFinisher system is easy to use...The operator simply enters the book’s measurements on a touch-screen. Alternatively, the user may scan the barcode of the book to retrieve the information or accept finish information across the local area network (LAN). From there, the operation is completely computer controlled. The operator is then free to perform other tasks.

Advantages for the Printing Industry:

  • The BookFinisher system allows printers to expand their array of services by producing paperback books for very small runs, as well as produce up to 100 books per hour for mid-range production needs.
  • The computer-controlled system will jog, bind, and trim books without operator intervention. Employees will be freed for other tasks.
  • This all-in-one unit operates independently from your printing equipment, allowing the printers to complete other orders.
Advantages for the Publishing Industry:
  • BookFinisher will produce a perfect-bound paperback on demand — eliminating inventory costs for backlisted and out-of-print titles.
  • The BookFinisher system offers an easy and cost-effective way to produce galley proofs of complete books right from their desktop publishing system — saving the publisher thousands of dollars per book.
  • The BookFinisher system allows the small publisher to take on more titles that may have very short runs in the beginning.


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